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About the Horse Saddles

The base price on the leather saddles is $3,325.00
They weigh around 32 lbs. Shipping and handling is$85.00

The base price on cordura saddle is $2,325.00
They weigh around 22 lbs. Shipping and handling is$70.00

AnatoTree Saddles (This is our entry level line)
Leather saddle Base price $1,800.00
They weigh around 32 lbs. Shipping and handling is$85.00

Due to rapidly rising prices we will honer estimates for four weeks after which time we will need to re do your estimate with current prices if you do not finalize your order with in four weeks. A 50% non- refundable deposit will be required at the time the order is placed with the balance due when the saddle is completed. Any changes to an approved estimate will incur a $250.00 change order fee.

Current delivery time is approximately 20 weeks. All delivery time are estimates that can change with out notice due to things out side of our control. Saddles are built in the order they are recieved. Bribery will not work.

To view other options and pricing Click Here.

How to order a saddle (All you really need to know is what you want.)

Step 1 : Determine if we have a tree that will fit.

The best method for doing this is to bring your horse to our shop.Where we can try trees on . (About The horse will not send trees out unless David Genadek accompanies them. Our experience tells us that it takes a great deal of experience to know if a tree will properly fit once covered.)

Our second option is to have you do a tracing of the horses back. This allows us to create a 3-d model of the back so we can try the trees on here at the shop. For instructions on how to take a tracing Click here.

About The Horse will give you an honest assessment of which bar style will give you the best fit or we will tell if we don't have a bar style that will work on your horse. We can not guarantee proper saddle fit. We can tell you if the fit will fall into a reasonable range.
Understanding our Bar Shapes

Step 2: Determine what seat size you need.

This is one of the most subjective areas of saddle fitting. We have found the best way to get the seat size correct is to have you sit in saddles and find out how much leg room you need. The traditional method of seat measurement is not a clear way of determining what you need, do to changes in both the shape and angle of the fronts and cantles. We use a leg based sizing method.


Step 3:Choose a style of saddle

Once we know which bar and seat size you need then it is a matter of choosing which style of saddle you want . We currently offer Trail saddles, Light trail saddles, Barrel racing saddles, Endurance saddles, Riener saddles and Ranch saddles. The styles differ in the shape of the front and cantle and horn. We put a Jineta seat in all of saddles and we use the same trees in the codura saddles that we use in our leather saddles.

Step 4: Pick your options.

Once you have picked your tree then you can choose the options you would like. Options

Step 5: Decoration

Lastly you need to choose which carving and stamping you would like. Carving and stamping options

Step 6: Call us and we will create an estimate.

Once you get a pretty good handle on what you want give us a call at 1(507) 346 2766 and we will create an estimate for your saddle. Allow about an hour to do your estimate. itis also best if you can be on a computer and have downloaded Face2Face interface so we can go through the options together. The estimate will then be e-mailed to you for your approval.

Step 7:Approval

Once you have approved the order we will invoice you for 50% of the total order when that has been paid the saddle order will be finalized and put into work. The order is not official until I have a signed copy of the estimate and the non refundable down payment has been made.

Step 8: Wait Patiently until the saddle is finished.
Delivery dates are a the best guess I can make at the time you order your saddle.
Calling every other day will not get your saddle done any faster, in fact it will make it harder for us to get it done !

Step 9: Make final payment and get your saddle.

Step 10: Enjoy your new riding experience!!

Some examples:

Trail Saddles

Leather Saddles    
Cordura Saddles  


Light Trail Saddles

Leather Saddles    
Cordura Saddles    


Barrel Saddles


Reiner Saddles

Endurance Saddles



Ranch Saddles


AnatoTree Saddles

This line offers fewer opitions and less detail in the leather work. Same trees and design.