Caring for your saddle...

Many times customers ask how to care for their saddle. You need to remember your saddle is made out of leather that needs to be cared for like your own skin. If it gets dirty, you need to wash it. When it is dry, you need to add moisturizer. Your saddle leather cannot renew it's own oil, so you have to do it. How often will vary with atmosphere conditions, humidity levels and use. You don't want it too dry or too oily. If it is too oily, it can drown the fibers and collect dirt. Do not use a lacquer finish on your saddle. I don't like a lacquer finish on any saddle because it seals the pores and oil will not go through the lacquer. You're unable to nourish the fibers in your leather. It will seal the leather and make it unable to absorb oil.

I usually suggest Murphy's oil soap to clean your saddle and a pure neatsfoot oil for oiling. Any oiling will make your saddle leather darker. There are many brands of saddle care products out there to choose from, however. ______________________________________________________________________

To care for the wool, brush and try to keep as clean as possible. Occasionally, you can clean the wool with Woolite and rinse with a hose.

I know our saddles squeak, it's new. Many people use baby powder to stop the squeaking, shaking it underneath the saddle skirts, etc. Baby powder can dry the saddle out again but it's an old remedy and people like to use it.

You will only need a Navajo pad under your saddle or something of equal thickness. The saddle should fit correctly and only needs a pad to catch the sweat.

Use your saddle as much as possible in the next two weeks to get comfortable and acquainted with it. If you have any questions regarding the saddle fit, please give us a call right away!

Remember, your saddle will sit farther up on your horse's withers and with the flared front give your horse the capability of turning without getting pinched. The girth strap will fit approximately 3" to 4" behind the front legs. And always use the rear cinch and keep it connected to the front cinch.