"Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the clinic. It was very informative, I learned alot. I really wish I would have brought my horse. David was interesting and fun to listen to and made everything very clear and easy to understand. I was happy to find out when I got home that my saddle does fit my horse. I have always kind of wondered even though she's never shown any sign of a problem. I would love to attend another clinic if David is in the area again. There is so much to remember that you can't absorb it all in one clinic, you can never learn too much!!. Thanks for putting on the clinic." Vicki Frazier.

"What a great clinic by David Genadek. This clinic should be a must for every horse owner who thinks they can slap a saddle on any old horse any old way and go down the trail. David tells us what harm we are doing to our riding partner and what we can do as responsible riders to help our four legged friend to achieve his highest level of performance and in so doing help us achieve ours. A must for every conscientious rider." Dee Smith

"...All in all this was such a blast for me and people respond so well to David it's amazing to watch him in action. If you have saddle dilemas, I highly recommend either participating in a saddle fitting clinic or hosting one!..." L.G. (TrotNots)

My horses love your saddles...they move so freely...it is a pleasure to ride them in it because I am sure I am doing the best I can for their comfort...they appreciate it! They are both wider than wide...and took the number one tree/a 17" Reiner. I was able to buy a Cordura barrel (16") number 2 tree for Cake...Had a Chiropractor Vet accupuncturist give him a treatment and check saddle fit...he was very impressed with the fit. You had approved that tree on Cake's crooked back which he also confirmed in treatment. You are the only saddle maker who noticed that Cake's back was crooked. (This vet found his spine to be wrenched from right to left along with his right hip!) Thanx for your help with my MFT's and TWH.